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about the tentacles!

pronouns: they/it
species term: being
gender identity: pangender/agender
presentation: androgynous, feminine
romantic attraction: queer with femmeromantic inclinations, polyromantic
sexual attraction: queer with gynosexual inclinations, polysexual
physical biology: dyadic

hi! my name is ria, or galvin, you can call me either or both. i'm a white, queer, neuro-atypical lower-middle class dependent living in the northwestern united states; my first and only fluent language is english. i'm a mahayana buddhist, and politically i fall in line with lots of civil libertarian idealogies, but i'm not a big fan of political labels.
i'm on dreamwidth (again) because i got fed up with all of tumblr's staff-sanctioned bullshit! so far, i really like the site, so we'll see how that turns out i guess?
here are some things i like!
  • dance and gymnastics: i'm a dancer, as well as a recreational gymnast! as this is a pretty big part of my life, i tend to talk about this a lot, and i like learning about dance history/anthropology as well as just aspects of the art form. one of my (numerous, entirely idealistic) goals is to become a professional dancer or gymnast.
  • reading and writing (but not arithmetic): i like books!!! books are really great and gay and wonderful. i do a lot of writing, too, but most of it is private, with the exception of some fanfiction. i usually publish that. 
  • homestuck: homestuck is basically my life at this point in time, i wouldn't go as far as to call it an obsession?? but i am a pretty big fan. since i've only been into the comic for about a year, i'm still in my honeymoon phase or something i guess and i am known to have BOUTS OF EXCITEMENT about homestuck things. my shipping chart is on my profile. :33
  • les misérables: i am a tired and jaded les mis fan and kind of am fed up with all things the fandom at this point in time, but hopefully leaving tumblr (or attempting to) will change that a little. still, lm was once a huge part of my life and i am not ready to let go of it so easily.
  • music: i love to listen and create (with my voice or an instrument) music and consider it a big part of my life. i tend to listen across the board, genrewise, but i do stay away from what hurts my ears.
  • little kids: i volunteer in a title one kindergarten classroom and a g.a.t.e. 1/2 classroom up to three times a week, and each time tends to be the best part of said week. this is a really good thing for me and i tend to talk about it a lot!!!
  • learning and discussion: i ramble about lots of things somewhat incessantly; i love learning on my own time/initiative and i love talking about what i'm learning.
  • there are definitely more things than this, but i suppose you will have to friend me to figure them out! :o.